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Camp Giraffe preschool is based on the latest early childhood learning practices. It offers the right combination of fun activities and learning to simulate growth and development in young learners.

Our goal is to provide a high quality early childhood education in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that will provide students with a foundation for lifelong learning. Our strength lies in offering age appropriate learning tools and activities for young children. We give personal attention to each child to foster his growth and development.

About the Founder

Kalpana Choudhary (Founder Director)

Kalpana is the Founder Director of Camp Giraffe Preschool. She comes with a background in Development, Management and Early Childhood Education. Previously she has worked on Human Development research and reporting at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), New Delhi. Later she found her passion in Early Childhood Education. She is a trained Early Childhood Education expert from MMI, London. Since the last 15 yrs, she has been actively involved in designing Camp Giraffe Preschool curriculum, setting up of the school and its management. Her core areas of interest are curriculum planning, child psychology and teacher training. She is also an active member of an NGO called Pragati Foundation, working in the area of Primary Education of marginalised children in Gurugram.

Safe, secure and stimulating environment
Age appropriate learning tools
Combination of fun and theme based learning
Give personal attention to each child

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