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    "Reliable care for your precious little ones!
    Where learning is a treat."

About Camp Giraffe

Camp Giraffe Preschool is the most generous and friendly preschool in gurgaon based on the latest early childhood learning practices. It offers the right combination of fun activities and learning to simulate growth and development in young learners.

Our goal is to provide a high quality early childhood education in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that will provide nursery students with a foundation for lifelong learning. Our strength lies in offering age appropriate learning tools and activities for young children. We give personal attention to each child to foster his growth and development.

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Safe, secure and stimulating environment

Age appropriate learning tools

Combination of fun and theme based learning

Give personal attention to each child


Day Care

Play Group

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Camp Giraffe brings in over 15 years of experience to introduce children to the world of learning in a systematic and scientific way. The preschool program is completely stress free for children and therefore aims to inculcate a love for learning.

Camp Giraffe follows the philosophy of experiential learning or ‘learning by doing’. There is a strong emphasis on developing the ability to become competent self learners. We emphasise upon development of various skills such as language, motor skills, mathematical skills, social skills etc. through our preschool program. Age appropriate activities, toys and books in each class constitute an important part of the program.

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Spacious and Safe Learning Environment

  • Open Spaces

  • Ball Pool

  • Kitchen Garden

  • Large Playground

  • Well Lit Classroom

  • Safety and Hygiene

What Parents Think

  • Whatever we heard about the school regarding the education and other activities are actually too good. I thank the school Management and wish Camp Giraffe will grow like a shining star and my child too.

    Ms. Humaira Mother of Raffan

  • Shreya is changing so much as compared to last year. We are happy to notice that she is improving in writing and loves to go to school.

    Ms. Anuradha, Mother of Shreya

  • I am very satisfied with Tushar’s performance. He is excited to go school. He loves his class teacher and they take care of my son very well.

    Ms. Priya, Mother of Tushar

  • Camp Giraffe is doing a good job in making kids individual learners and eating food by themselves. There are lot of activities going on which keeps kids interested and excited about the school.

    Ms. Rashmi, Mother of Shourya

  • Camp Giraffe has very good teachers and personal attention is given to each student. Darsh has learnt a lot of things with the guidance of his teachers.

    Mr. Amit, Father of Darsh

  • Camp Giraffe Preschool provides a good foundation for a child to grow. And hopefully with sincere efforts, care of teachers and staff towards kid, the child will bloom like a flowering bud.

    Ms. Reena, Mother of Kajal

  • We are satisfied with Sumiran’s performance. She is giving response to questions, dancing with different postures. We are gaining confidence about the school and teachers in bring up the children.

    Ms. Karuna, Mother of Sumiran

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